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Enjoy your holiday on our nature-loving organic farm in the Gastein Valley with all your senses!

We are very happy to be able to live on our organic farm in one of the most beautiful spots in the Salzburger Land in Austria. Our farming family has enjoyed the tangible harmony and closeness to nature here in Dorfgastein in the Unterberg district for many generations. For these reasons, we decided years ago to use mother-cow farming and 100% organic farming.

Our guests, especially children on family holidays with their parents and grandparents, feel the soothing, decelerating and health-promoting effects of a holiday on the farm.

We would like to invite you to actively participate in country life with us in the traditional and idyllic Dorfgastein: We are not a tourist farm but actually run this typical Salzburg organic farm with many animals all year round. Children and adults are welcome to get to know country life in action in our country house and farm hotel “die Unterbergerin”. You can pet the animals in the stable or help feed them. Toddlers and children are also welcome to take part in allergy-preventing “stable air bathing”.

Because we honestly recommend:


for healthy “stable air bathing”

Scientists confirm the therapeutic effect of stable air! Contact with natural bacteria stimulates your own immune system. This is particularly helpful for lung diseases, asthma and allergies and provides relief.

During your winter holiday in one of our feel-good rooms and holiday apartments, the children can enjoy “stable air bathing” twice a day. They can play with our cows, calves, goats, rabbits and cats in the stable and in the hay. The positive “energy” and “vibration” of the entire farm hotel area also match this health-promoting environment. This is created by applying the teachings of Feng Shui throughout our country house, holiday home and organic farm. All guest rooms and holiday apartments have been furnished according to the teachings of Feng Shui. Become one with your inner chi on your farm holiday. You can’t see this, but you can still feel and perceive it.

The world-famous Pinzgauer cattle

Livestock breeding is considered an important, natural branch of production in Austria.

The Pinzgau cattle breed, whose origins can be found in the Hohe Tauern and therefore also in Gastein, is characterized by a dark, chestnut brown base color and characteristic white markings on the back, small of the back, belly, forearms and lower legs. This typical color pattern with the dark brown head is considered to be the hallmark of these cattle.

The beautiful cattle have developed into extremely resilient, robust, fertile and adaptable animals through natural selection in the Alps. They make optimal use of the rich valley pastures and alpine pastures in the Alps, which means the need for purchased concentrated feed is minimal.

Pinzgauer cattle are exported worldwide and have even proven themselves under extreme environmental conditions in countries such as South Africa, Canada, the USA and Australia. Their tough claws, excellent marching ability and protective reddish-brown coat that repels UV rays are valued by farmers and breeders worldwide.

The meat of Pinzgau cattle is known for its tenderness, juiciness, marbling and taste.

Unfortunately, the number of Pinzgauer cattle in their native Austria has declined sharply in recent decades due to fashion trends and intensification of agriculture, so that this breed is now one of the endangered livestock breeds. In the future, the Pinzgauer cattle, the only cattle breed with world recognition that originated in Austria, must be given more due respect as national park and organic cattle. We would be happy to make our contribution to this.

http://www.pinzgauerrind.at or http://www.rinderzuchtverband.at

In summer our cattle are on the alpine pasture and you are welcome to visit them on a hike to the Heinreichalm.

Get an idea of ​​this unique breed of cattle for yourself during a vacation on our organic farm!

OUT of the hustle and bustle – INTO “die Unterbergerin”

Farm in Gastein

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